Building Parkmobile Web Reservations with Mobiscroll

October 10, 2017

In May, Parkmobile started an ambitious initiative to bring our parking reservations platform to the web. From the beginning, one of our primary goals was to maintain the excellent user experience that our iOS and Android users currently enjoy. Creating an intuitive, powerful application that works consistently across different browsers can be a daunting task for any development team, so we set-out to find a great third-party library that could help. After some careful research, we settled on Mobiscroll.

Mobiscroll describes their product as “…a collection of UI controls for making amazing apps and websites,” and given the seemingly endless customizability they offer for 19 mobile-first components, it’s difficult to disagree. In our experience, Mobiscroll’s controls were responsive, easy-to-use, and covered a variety of our application’s use-cases. Our team relied heavily on the Date & Time Picker component, which greatly reduced the complexity in restricting users’ selections to certain dates and times. We also benefitted significantly from the Widget component, which worked well for our Log In/Sign Up form. When we inevitably had questions, Mobiscroll’s developer site served as an excellent resource—it offered comprehensive examples and documentation for every component. In fact, after only a few minutes of reading, we were able to configure several components to display differently for desktop and mobile, where we wanted a native look and feel. In our experience, Mobiscroll components and documentation were first-rate.

Unfortunately, Mobiscroll’s product still wasn’t perfect. Due to technical constraints, the library wasn’t compatible with our application at first. Luckily, the Mobiscroll development team was very responsive, and they released fixes to our issues almost immediately. In fact, every one of our team’s complaints was met with a courteous and quick response. Ultimately, Mobiscroll implemented at least 3 of our feature requests throughout the course of just a few months. Given the uncertainty surrounding any open-source project these days, we found this level of communication and responsiveness downright impressive.

All things considered, Mobiscroll was the right decision for our development team. Our license included 19 unique components, excellent documentation, and most importantly, peace of mind.  We were able to build an excellent reservation experience in a matter of months, and Mobiscroll’s team did everything in their power to help us achieve our goals. Better still, our team continues to discover new and exciting Mobiscroll features every day. We highly recommend their product.